R. Muthukumar

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This paper proposes a novel look-up table based chaotic encryption scheme suitable for securing audio signals using a simple two dimensional nonlinear map. In the proposed method, we use a single chaotic trajectory whose period is equal to 65536. The iterated solutions of the chosen map are sorted in ascending order and indexed to create a look-up table.(More)
In Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET), hierarchical network architecture is created for improving the performance parameters like scalability and stability. Clustering is one of the typical hierarchical network structures which groups the geographically adjacent nodes into same cluster. By creating such kind of basic clustering structure, scalability can be(More)
BACKGROUND Several diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers are being explored in heart failure. GDF-15 belongs to the transforming growth factor β (TGF-β) cytokine family that is highly up regulated in inflammatory conditions. We undertook this systematic review to summarize the current evidence on the utility of GDF-15 as a biomarker in heart failure. (More)
Dyslipidaemia is a critical risk factor for the development of cardiovascular complications such as ischemic heart disease and stroke. Although statins are effective anti-dyslipidemic drugs, their usage is fraught with issues such as failure of adequate lipid control in 30% of cases and intolerance in select patients. The limited potential of other(More)
Distribution system reconfiguration and optimal capacitor placement are the two techniques adapted for the control of power loss. These techniques not only control the power loss but also control volt/var of the distribution system, and improve the system reliability and security. This paper proposes a method to handle reconfiguration and capacitor(More)
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