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G6PD genotypes were determined in Brazzaville (Congo) on 188 HbSS patients (109 females, 79 males) and 210 controls (115 females and 95 males) with HbAA. DNA samples were analyzed by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The frequencies of G6PD B, A+ and A- alleles were 56.9, 20.8 and, 22.2% in the patients versus 56.3, 21.2 and, 22.5% in the controls,(More)
Clinical, hematological and molecular features of 116 unrelated sickle-cell anemia patients from Brazzaville were investigated. The mean age of the patients was 9.4 +/- 5.3 years. 232 beta(s)-chromosomes were haplotyped and almost all sickle cell anemia patients (91%) were homozygous for the Bantu haplotype. All hematological indices were similar for males(More)
Deletional alpha(+)-thalassemia (-alpha(3.7)) was investigated in four groups of unrelated individuals from the Bantu population (newborns, normal adults, sickle cells trait carriers, sickle cell anemia patients) of Brazzaville, Congo. The frequency of the (-alpha(3.7)) chromosome was similar between newborns (f = 0.40) and adult subjects (f = 0.36), and(More)
We analyzed beta-globin gene cluster haplotypes and deletional alpha+-thalassemia (-alpha3.7kb) in 54 Babinga pygmy subjects from Congo-Brazzaville. The beta(S)-globin gene frequency was 0.065 and that of the deletional alpha-globin gene (-alpha3.7kb) was 0.29. Eighty-five percent of the beta(S) chromosomes and 13% of the beta(A) chromosomes were associated(More)
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