R. Moreno

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A method for register number estimation in unscheduled or partially scheduled dataflow graphs is presented. The strategy consists of studying the probability that an edge between two nodes crosses the boundary between two control steps, and its is based on a model that associates probabilities with the different scheduling alternatives of each node. These(More)
We report on the initial analysis of Herschel/HIFI carbon monoxide (CO) observations of the Martian atmosphere performed between 11 and 16 April 2010. We selected the (7–6) rotational transitions of the isotopes 13 CO at 771 GHz and C 18 O and 768 GHz in order to retrieve the mean vertical profile of temperature and the mean volume mixing ratio of carbon(More)
The well-founded semantics for normal logic programs is deened in a constructive way through the use of a xpoint operator and in general is not computable. We propose an approach for approximating through abstract interpretation the concrete behavior of normal logic programs described by the well-founded semantics. We provide also an abstract well-founded(More)
The paper introduces a semantics for logic programs based on rst order hereditary Harrop formulas which are expressed in terms of intuitionistic derivations. The derivations are constructed by means of an intuitionistic proof procedure that constitutes the resolution mechanism of the language. The semantics of a program is a goal independent denotation(More)