R. Mooney

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Plasmonic photothermal therapy utilizes biologically inert gold nanorods (AuNRs) as tumor-localized antennas that convert light into heat capable of eliminating cancerous tissue. This approach has lower morbidity than surgical resection and can potentially synergize with other treatment modalities including chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Despite these(More)
Pre-clinical studies indicate that neural stem cells (NSCs) can limit or reverse CNS damage through direct cell replacement, promotion of regeneration, or delivery of therapeutic agents. Immortalized NSC lines are in growing demand due to the inherent limitations of adult patient-derived NSCs, including availability, expandability, potential for genetic(More)
Laser ablation (LA) is gaining large acceptance in the treatment of tumor. One of the main risks of this treatment is damaging the healthy tissue around the tumor. Among the solutions proposed to improve the selectivity of the LA and to localize heating to tumor tissue, the use of gold nanoparticles is one of the most promising. The aim of this work is(More)
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