R Montagne

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The receptor tyrosine kinase Met and its ligand, the hepatocyte growth factor, are essential to embryonic development, whereas the deregulation of Met signaling is associated with tumorigenesis. While ligand-activated Met promotes survival, caspase-dependent generation of the p40 Met fragment leads to apoptosis induction - hallmark of the dependence(More)
We numerically study in the one-dimensional case the validity of the functional calculated by Graham and coworkers (R. (1994)) as a Lyapunov potential for the Complex Ginzburg-Landau equation. In non-chaotic regions of parameter space the functional decreases monoton-ically in time towards the plane wave attractors, as expected for a Lyapunov functional,(More)
Upon activation by its ligand hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor, the receptor tyrosine kinase Met promotes survival, proliferation, and migration of epithelial cells during embryogenesis. Deregulated Met signaling can also promote cancer progression and metastasis. Met belongs to the functional family of dependence receptors whose activity switches(More)
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