R. Mohnhaupt

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The effects of a 60-min intravenous infusion of angiotensin II (A II; 4 or 20 ng A II/min/kg body weight) on renal blood flow (RBF; electromagnetic flow transducer, control value 19-25 ml/min/kg), glomerular filtration rate (GFR; control value 4.2-5.0 ml/min/kg), mean arterial blood pressure, sodium excretion, water excretion, and plasma A II and plasma(More)
UNLABELLED Weddell seals undergo lung collapse during dives below 50 m depth. In order to explore the physiological mechanisms contributing to restoring lung volume and gas exchange after surfacing, we studied ventilatory parameters in three Weddell seals between dives from an isolated ice hole on McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. METHODS Lung volumes and CO(2)(More)
Conscious, chronically instrumented dogs, maintained on a high sodium intake, were used to investigate whether surgical cardiac denervation impairs the natriuresis associated with left atrial pressure increase produced in three ways: during an increase in left atrial pressure by means of a reversible mitral stenosis (protocol 1); after an i.v. saline load(More)
A computerized system is described, combining automatic collection of urine in short intervals (minutes) over long periods (days) and recordings of body temperature, MABP, and heart rate in chronically instrumented conscious dogs. During the studies the dogs are housed in metabolic cages. Indwelling catheters and electrical wires are connected to a(More)
The diurnal time course of urinary flow rate (UV), urinary sodium (UNaV), and potassium (UKV) excretion, and of hormones such as atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) and aldosterone, was investigated during 5 days of continuous captopril infusion (15 micrograms.kg body weight-1.min-1) in 4 conscious dogs on a high sodium diet (14.5 mmol Na.kg body weight-1.24(More)
1. This study in conscious dogs examined the quantitative effects of a reduction in the renal arterial pressure on the renal homeostatic responses to an acute extracellular fluid volume expansion. 2. Seven female beagle dogs were chronically instrumented with two aortic catheters, one central venous catheter and a suprarenal aortic cuff, and were kept under(More)
The ability to retain sodium was investigated in six conscious dogs before and after surgical renal denervation. Dietary sodium and water intake were kept constant (2.5 mmol Na X kg-1 bw X day-1 and 91 ml water X kg-1 bw X day-1). Balance experiments were performed from 6 days before to 8 days after having produced a sodium deficit of 6.4 +/- 0.4 (intact(More)
The renal clearance of creatinine was measured following orogastric administration in conscious dogs. Values of creatinine clearance were compared with simultaneously determined values of inulin clearance, when urine volume, glomerular filtration rate and volume status were acutely altered by a variety of experimental manoeuvres. At urine volumes greater(More)
Measurements were made with radioactive microspheres of the distribution of renal blood flow in conscious dogs during left atrial distension. Urine volume, sodium excretion, mean arterial blood pressure and heart rate increased during the 60 min period of left atrial distension (increase in left atrial pressure by about 1.0 kPa). Total renal blood flow and(More)