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Three-dimensional microstructured medical devices, including microneedles and tissue engineering scaffolds, were fabricated by two photon induced polymerization of Ormocer organic-inorganic hybrid materials. Femtosecond laser pulses from a titanium:sapphire laser were used to break chemical bonds on Irgacure 369 photoinitiator within a small focal volume.(More)
We have generated mesoscopic patterns of viable Escherichia coli on Si(1 1 1), glass, and nutrient agar plates by using a novel laser-based transfer process termed matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation direct write (MAPLE DW). We observe no alterations to the E. coli induced by the laser-material interaction or the shear forces during the transfer.(More)
We have developed a novel approach for layer-by-layer growth of tissue-engineered materials using a direct writing process known as matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation direct write (MAPLE DW). Unlike conventional cell-seeding methods, this technique provides the possibility for cell-material integration prior to artificial tissue fabrication. This(More)
We have demonstrated two-dimensional and three-dimensional transfer of B35 neuronal cells onto and within polymerized Matrigel substrates, using matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation-direct write (MDW). The B35 cells were transferred from a quartz ribbon to depths of up to 75 microm by systematically varying the fluence emitted from the ArF (lambda = 193(More)
An in vitro study on dissolution of 36 gall-stones obtained from 3 patients (12 stones from each patient) was carried out in heparin, bile salt and clofibrate solutions of different strengths. Heparin was found to be a poor solvent while bile salt (sodium desoxycholate) proved better and clofibrate the best solvent in various concentrations used. In(More)
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