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Over the past 11 years, signs of allergy were observed in 56 children and adolescents in contact with horses. The cases consisted of 35 boys and 21 girls, 35 of them were under 10 years of age. The main clinical signs were ocular symptoms (36), asthma (30) and rhinopharyngitis (24). All the children had very positive cutaneous prick tests and specific IgE(More)
Does immediate respiratory allergy with stemphylium exist? About 39 provocation tests. We present 39 children with positive cutaneous and/or RAST tests for stemphylium mold. Provocation tests individualize 19 patients (14 boys and 4 girls, 10 to 16 years old in 17/19) with a respiratory sensitivity: 6/10 by passive anterior rhinomanometry and 13/15 by(More)
Place for Passive Anterior Rhinomanometry (PAR) in mite allergic children. PAR is a simple method to investigate chronic or recurrent rhinopathies in children. Among 59 investigations with a Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus extract, we found 27 positive responses, 3 doubtful results and 32 negative explorations. Nasal sensitization is usually important: the(More)
Is Mugwort pollenosis frequent among children in North of France? In North of France where no ragweed grows, mugwort (artemisia) is after grasses and plantago, the third pollenosis in children. Among 184 children with summer clinical signs, positive cutaneous tests with a mugwort extract are noted in 40 patients (21%). RAST are positive only in 23 on 34(More)
90 children receive a specific hyposensitization with calcium phosphate adjuvant purified Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus allergens. We note 44% very good results, 37% good results and 19% failures. We propose to begin with 1/1,000,000 concentration every other day until 1/10,000 concentration is obtained under antihistamine protection. Tolerance is(More)
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