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Digital Elevation Model (DEM) generation using satellite stereo pairs is a complex and computationally expensive task. DEM is required for not only 3D visualization but also required to generate Ortho images which are prime products for performing any measurements. There are many methods of generating the DEM but the most common is the “Hierarchical(More)
from ambient levels of 360 mol mol 1 increased vegetative biomass by 40% and boll biomass by 20% (Reddy The consequences of elevated carbon dioxide concentrations et al., 1997). Open-top chamber experiments (Kimball ([CO2]) and N nutrition on cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) growth, and Mauney, 1993) showed that elevated [CO2] of 650 development, yield, and(More)
Cyber-attacks pose a grave threat to corporations and disrupt their normal functioning. The number of cyber attacks has been ever increasing and due to the loss of priceless information on account of these attacks there is an urgent necessity to check their prevalence. In this regard, the role of a security analyst, a human decision maker whose task is to(More)
Abundantly available solar energy utilization for domestic and industrial applications is hindered because of its intermittent nature. The thermal energy storage (TES) system using both sensible and latent heat has many advantages like large heat storage capacity in a unit volume and its isothermal behavior during the charging and discharging processes.(More)
In this paper, we studied the effect of thermal in Stokes’ second problem for unsteady second grade fluid flow through porous medium. The expressions for the velocity field and the temperature field are obtained analytically. The effects of various emerging parameters on the velocity field and temperature field are studied through graphs in detail.
This paper compares the performance of diode clamped three level inverter based STATCOM with sinusoidal and space vector PWM techniques. Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) technique is the most advantageous technique than the conventional sinusoidal PWM technique for a multilevel inverter. The space vector pulse width modulation technique is an(More)
In the title compound, C18H14N2O3, the dihedral angle between the naphthalene ring system and the benzene ring is 59.99 (13)°. A short intra-molecular C-H⋯N contact closes an S(6) ring. The nitro group is disordered over two orientations in a statistical ratio. In the crystal, weak C-H⋯O hydrogen bonds and very weak π-π stacking inter-actions(More)
  • Krishna Reddy, G. Rameshwar Rreddy, +5 authors Hari Padma Priyanka
  • 2012
This paper describes the problem of voltage sags and swells and its severe impact on non linear loads or sensitive loads. The dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) has become popular as a cost effective solution for the protection of sensitive loads from voltage sags and swells. The control of the voltages in DVR based on dqo algorithm is discussed. It first(More)
A simple and derivative spectrophotometric method has been developed for the determination of mercury (II) using Diacetylmonoxime benzoylhydrazone (DMBH). Mercury (II) forms an orange coloured water soluble complex with the reagent in basic medium (pH 10.5).The molar absorptivity and Sandell’s sensitivity of coloured species are 2.01 x 10 L.mol cm and(More)
In the last decade, the remote sensing community has observed a significant growth in number of satellites, sensors and their resolutions, thereby increasing the volume of data to be processed each day. Satellite data processing is a complex and time consuming activity. It consists of various tasks, such as decode, decrypt, decompress, radiometric(More)