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The Constraint Satisfaction Problem Dichotomy Conjecture of Feder and Vardi (1999) has in the last 10 years been profitably reformulated as a conjecture about the set SP fin (A) of subalgebras of finite Cartesian powers of a finite universal algebra A. One particular strategy, advanced by Dalmau in his doctoral thesis (2000), has confirmed the conjecture(More)
In this paper we study first-order definability in the lattice of equational theories of commutative semigroups. In a series of papers, J. Ježek, solving problems posed by A. Tarski and R. McKenzie, has proved, in particular , that each equational theory is first-order definable in the lattice of equational theories of a given type, up to automorphism, and(More)
Let D be the ordered set of isomorphism types of finite distributive lattices, where the ordering is by embeddability. We study first-order definability in this ordered set. We prove among other things that for every finite distributive lattice D, the set {d, d opp } is definable, where d and d opp are the isomorphism types of D and its opposite (D turned(More)
In ZFC, it is shown that every relational clone on a set A closed under complementation is a Krasner clone if and only if A is at most countable. This is achieved by solving an equivalent problem on locally invertible monoids: A partially ordered set is constructed whose endomorphism monoid is not contained in the local closure of its au-tomorphism group.
The sub algebra functor Sub A is faithful for Boolean algebras (Sub A •-Sub B implies A • B, see D. Sachs [7]), but it is not faithful for bounded distributive lattices or unbounded distributive lattices. The automorphism functor Aut A is highly unfaithful even for Boolean algebras. The endomorphism functor End A is the most faithful of all three. B. M.(More)