R. Mayrench

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This paper describes a new segmentation and quantization technique for low bit-rate speech coders. Bit-rate reduction is achieved by combining segmentation and quantization, where a segment consists of one or more adjacent frames. The algorithm for selecting and quantizing segments from a pre-determined number of frames extends the frame-based trellis(More)
Index Assignment (IA) is a process of indexing the vectors in a codebook (vector quantizer) for the purpose of reducing the distortion caused by transmission over a channel with errors. Achieving an optimal IA is difficult since it is an NP-complete problem. Common approximate solutions to the IA problem consist of iterative algorithms which gradually(More)
This paper considers the design of codebooks for low bit-rate speech coders which apply joint segmentation-quantization. Two issues are addressed. The first is the design of a codebook from training data when the data vectors vary in size, as dictated by the segmentation process. For this task a modification of the Generalized Lloyd Algorithm (GLA) is(More)
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