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This paper describes the visualisation components associated with a new environment for the pre-operative planning of total hip replacement. The system has a multisensorial immersive interface (stereoscopic display, several six-degrees-of-freedom tracking technologies, speech recognition and control, and haptic feedback) and includes advanced software(More)
Cutting away part of a 3D outer surface to show some interior objects hidden beneath if can play an important role in visualization and technical illustration. Previous work includes cutaway using rules and Alpha blending employed to achieve an appearance of cutaway drawings. These methods have mainly aimed at showing the presence of the interior objects,(More)
This paper introduces the Multisense idea, with a special reference to the use of Haptics in the medical field and, in particular, in the planning of total hip replacement surgery. We emphasise the integration of different modalities and the capability of the multimodal system to gather and register data coming from different sources.
This work gives an overview of real-time visualisation algorithms developed under the EC-funded project Multimod to support a novel paradigm for the virtual representation of musculo-skeletal structures. These algorithms are fully integrated into the Multimod Application Framework (MAF), an open-source freely-available software framework for the rapid(More)
This study was undertaken to establish a method for diagnosing pericardial effusions quickly, simply, and accurately without danger to the patient. Ultrasound examination that was used in this study employed the B mode (cross-sectional representation) in which the vertical deflections of the A scan are turned on end and make a line of dots on the cathode(More)
This paper presents the integration of haptic and visual modalities in a multimodal application for planning total hip replacement. It focuses on the creation of the surgical access since that plays a fundamental role in the success of the complete intervention and is also a perfect candidate for multimodal integration, since both the assessment of the(More)
This dissertation investigates the role of minimal contrast in phonetic patterns and phonological phenomena. Two sounds are minimally contrastive when they differ in just one property. The main findings are that (i) minimal contrast can influence the outcome of phonetic effects and that (ii) phonological processes may single out minimally contrastive(More)
The universal classification of intransitive verbs into two classes unaccusatives and unergatives plays a central role in modern linguistics as it provides information about the word order and other fundamental properties of verbs. In particular, there exists a controversial type of verbs, the 'swarm' type, which has been classified as both unaccusative(More)
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