R. Martin

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Autocrine-secreted tumor cell growth-inhibiting activities were isolated from supernatants of a malignant melanoma cell line, HTZ 19-dM, established from a central nervous system melanoma metastasis. HTZ 19-dM was characterized by cyto- and immunocytochemistry and karyotyping; cells were propagated in defined serum-free tissue culture medium for up to 8(More)
BCNU (carmustine), VM26 (teniposide) and ARA-A5'P (vidarabin-monophosphate) were compared in their activity against 30 cell lines of primary (N = 21) and metastatic (N = 9) human brain tumours, which were characterized in tissue culture by cytochemical, immunological and cytogenetic criteria. In vivo achievable concentration-time products c X t were(More)
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