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The SOHO Ultraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer (UVCS/SOHO) is being used to observe the extended solar corona from 1.25 to 10 R from Sun center. Initial observations of polar coronal holes and equatorial streamers are described. The observations include measurements of spectral line profiles for H I L and L , O VI 1032 Å and 1037 Å, Mg X 625 Å, Fe XII 1242 Å(More)
We present a comprehensive and self-consistent empirical model for several plasma parameters in the extended solar corona above a polar coronal hole. The model is derived from observations with the SOHO Ultraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer (UVCS/SOHO) during the period between 1996 November and 1997 April. We compare observations of H I Lya and O VI jj1032,(More)
Comprehensive studies in geophysics and seismology have dealt with scattering phenomena in unbounded elastic domains containing fractures or cavities. Other studies have been carried out to investigate scattering by discontinuities located near a free surface. In this last case, the presence of fractures and cavities significantly affects wave motion and,(More)
An acoustic microscope operating with impulse excitation has been used to perform measurements of the Rayleigh wave velocity by measuring the time difference between the direct reflected signal and the Rayleigh wave signal. The accuracy and precision of the methodology have been examined by performing measurements at a single location on an elastically(More)
Recently, considerable attention has k e n paid to the effecu of new-retonant (i.e. close to subharmonic resonance) perturbations on the dynamics of nonlinear systems near bifurcation points. This interest is morivated by the fact that under such conditions the essential dynamics of the system is confined to a low-dimensional manifold. This has allowed to(More)
Context. Type II-linear supernovae are thought to arise from progenitors that have lost most of their H envelope by the time of the explosion, and they are poorly understood because they are only occasionally discovered. It is possible that they are intrinsically rare, but selection effects due to their rapid luminosity evolution may also play an important(More)
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Stabilization of the gyrotron radiation frequency finds number of applications especially for plasma diagnostics. The gyrotron can be stabilised by a partial reflection from an external resonant load. For that, a quasi-optical cavity with a corrugated mirror can be implemented into the load, the nonresonant reflection being assumed sufficiently small. If(More)
The Probing Lensing Anomalies NETwork (PLANET) is a worldwide collaboration of astronomers using semi-dedicated European, South African, and Australian telescopes to perform continuous, rapid and precise multi-band CCD photometric monitoring of ongoing Galactic mi-crolensing events. As well as providing important additional information on the nature,(More)
We analyze 5 years of PLANET photometry of microlensing events toward the Galactic bulge to search for the short-duration deviations from single-lens light curves that are indicative of the presence of planetary companions to the primary microlenses. Using strict event-selection criteria, we construct a well-deÐned sample of 43 intensively monitored events.(More)