R Martin del Rio

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The aim of this paper is to clarify the mechanism through which the taurine analogue guanidinoethane sulfonate (GES) produces its epileptogenic effects. Experiments were performed in the rat hippocampus in vivo, using a brain dialysis probe also containing a recording electrode. Perfusion of 10 mM GES induced an enhancement of extracellular taurine levels(More)
Extracellular amino acid levels and field potentials evoked by perforant pathway stimuli were studied in vivo by means of a dialysis device, perfusing the rat dentate gyrus with low chloride solutions. When balanced with acetate, these perfusions enhanced the granule cell population spike amplitude. A specific extracellular taurine enhancement occurred(More)
The hippocampal CA1 field is activated by the entorhinal cortex mainly through the hippocampal excitatory trisynaptic circuit. Field responses of the CA1 region were evoked by ipsilateral CA3 or perforant path volley (mono- or trisynaptic activation, respectively) in paralyzed, locally anaesthetized rats and studied as a function of the stimulus patterns(More)
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