R. Martínez

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Proteinases from hepatopancreas (HP) and gastric juice (GJ) from wild and cultured red octopus (Octopus maya) were characterized. Hepatopancreas assays revealed optimal activity at pH 4, 9–10 and 10 for wild and pH 3, 8, and 9, for cultured octopuses, for total proteinases, trypsin and chymotrypsin, respectively. In the gastric juice, maximum activity was(More)
This work presents a campaign of fault injection to validate the dependability of a fault tolerant microcomputer system. The system is duplex with cold stand-by sparing, parity detection and a watchdog timer. The faults have been injected on a chip-level VHDL model, using an injection tool designed with this purpose. We have carried out a set of injection(More)
Beamforming Filtering techniques are well known for their angular selectivity in speech enhancement applications with noisy backgrounds. Besides, Negative Beamformers achieve an important advantage compared with classical array structures: the lower number of signal sensors (microphones) required. The scheme that is proposed in this paper combines Negative(More)
Bio-inspired systems and methods have pervaded the life of modern technology during the last twenty years at a steady but faster stroll. Bio-inspiration dates from long, although it has been during the last fifty years with the better knowledge of the nervous systems functions, components and structures when it has come to a state where its influence in(More)
Oligonucleotide microarray technology has become widely spread in genetic probing for different purposes. This technology has shown to be highly reliable and dependable, although not free from problems regarding expression estimation, as it relies on the differential or contrasted hybridization of test probes. In many cases hybridization results do not show(More)
Speech Enhancement is a technique required to grant the success of speech recognition systems working under strong noisy conditions, and to grant understandability in speech transmission and coding. Array beamforming has been traditionally used to produce improvements in the signal-to-noise ratio. Two-sensor systems based on FirstOrder Differential(More)
This project analyzes marked spatial point pattern data for leukemia and lymphoma versus control cases in North Humberside, England. Our analysis will use this dataset to answer the question; how much of the clustering in the data can be attributed to a geographical pattern of cases of leukemia and lymphoma and how much is simply due to clustering in(More)