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The Komodo project concerns the handling of multiple real-time events by Java threads that are supported by a multithreaded Java microcontroller. The architecture of the processor core and resulting implications are considered. The use of thread-based event handling is introduced and explained in combination with an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)(More)
Firms differ in the extent to which they “pass-through” changes in exchange rates into the prices they charge in foreign markets. They also differ in their “exposure” to exchange rates--the responsiveness of their profits to changes in exchange rates. Because pricing directly affects profitability, the exposure of a firm’s profits to exchange rates should(More)
Employees in 10 private for-profit hospitals responded to questionnaires regarding their work experiences, hospital facilities, and employer. Replicated results identified themes of employee opinions, including: Supervision, The Employer, Role Significance, Hospital Image, Competitiveness, Benefits, Cohesiveness, and Work Load. Only scores on the Role(More)
The implications of the costs of doing business in foreign countries for the resulting capital market equilibrium are studied. When transferring capital goods across national boundaries, the costs incurred are quasi-fixed in a one-good, two-country, intertemporal model with complete financial markets. In our model of the international capital market,(More)
Euro-interest rates are well-known to be persistent, as are their differentials across countries for a given maturity. The international CCAPM implies that the rates are persistent because forecasts of national consumption growth or inflation are persistent too. We examine this prediction for a panel of countries. The standard CCAPM with power utility is(More)
As the IMS provides session establishment, QoS parameter negotiation, authentication and accounting it is an overlay architecture well qualified for session signaling concerning video in everywhere scenarios. The management of the signaling can be integrated as an application into a home media gateway (HMG) server. Heterogeneous mobile devices working with(More)
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