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Acknowledgements Firstly, I wish to express my deep appreciation and sincere thanks to my wife Eleni, who understood and supported me in all my deeds. I would like to express my sincere thanks to my advisors Rainer Marrone and especially Andreas von Dömming who always found time to advice and guide me during this work. Many thanks also to my supervisors(More)
A thesis presented on the diffusion of micro-CHP in a residential area consisting of houses with multiple owners, currently using condensing boilers. The thesis shows that micro-CHP will not reach 50% of the market in less than 20 years. Furthermore it analyses the impact of the heat demands, the gas electricity and feedback prices as well as the subsidies(More)
Declaration Hereby I declare that I am the author of this thesis, titled " Methodology for Service Development in a distributed Smart Home Environment ". All literally or content related quotations form other sources are clearly pointed out and no other sources rather than the ones declared are used. Acknowledgment I would like to thank Professor Schmidt(More)