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Several neuropsychiatric disorders involving hippocampal structural changes have been studied extensively using volumetric magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). These studies have mostly measured total hippocampal volume while the present study aimed to delineate and measure hippocampal subfields within the whole hippocampus and subdivisions along its(More)
High risk behaviors such as narcotic use or physical fighting can be caused by impulsive decision making in emotionally-charged situations. Improved neuroscientific understanding of how emotional context interacts with the control of impulsive behaviors may lead to advances in public policy and/or treatment approaches for high risk groups, including some(More)
Quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) measures bulk susceptibilities in the brain, which can arise from many sources. In iron-rich subcortical gray matter (GM), non-heme iron is a dominant susceptibility source. We evaluated the use of QSM for iron mapping in subcortical GM by direct comparison to tissue iron staining. We performed in situ or in vivo(More)
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