R. Manoharan

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The advent of ubiquitous computing and the proliferation of portable computing devices have raised the importance of mobile ad-hoc network. A major challenge lies in adapting multicast communication into such environments where mobility and link failures are inevitable. The purpose of this paper is to study impact of mobility models in performance of(More)
In the recent years, there exist an ever-growing demand for ubiquitous connectivity which requires seamless integration of Mobile Ad hoc Network, Wireless LAN and Cellular networks. Integration of these networks results in a heterogeneous wireless network (HWN) architecture which is capable of providing high data-rate, end-to-end connectivity utilizing the(More)
In this paper, a novel multicast routing protocol namely Hypercube based Team Multicast Routing Protocol (HTMRP) has been proposed to address the scalability in mobile ad hoc networks. In HTMRP team multicasting is proposed where the multicast group does not consist of individuals rather, member teams. This mechanism is common in ad hoc networks to(More)
In this paper, a Multi-hop B3G architecture, which is a Heterogeneous Wireless Network (HWN) architecture, integrating MANET, Infrastructure WLAN with 3G UMTS network, is considered for the purpose of providing anytime, anywhere data access as it utilizes the higher bandwidth rates of MANET and WLAN networks and wider range of communication of 3G network.(More)
Heterogeneous Mobile Computing System (HMCS) consists of battery operated portable heterogeneous mobile nodes interconnected by wireless medium are increasingly being used in many areas of science, engineering and business. The advancements in the computing and communication technologies excel the mobile computing devices with the potential to execute(More)
Problem statement: In order to bring speech into the mainstream of business process an efficient digital signal processor is necessary. The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and the butter fly structure symmetry will enable the harwaring easier. With the DSP and software proposed, togetherly established by means of a system, named here as " Speech Abiding System(More)
INTRODUCTION The management of children with completely resected intracranial ependymomas is controversial. We favor deferring adjuvant radiotherapy in low-risk patients, whereas others recommend radiotherapy. REVIEW This article reviews the available evidence for and against deferring radiotherapy in children with low-risk completely resected childhood(More)