R. Manjula

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PowerPoint presentations (PPTs) have become routine in medical colleges because of their flexible and varied presentation capabilities. Research indicates that students prefer PPTs over the chalk-and-talk method, and there is a lot of debate over advantages and disadvantages of PPTs. However, there is no clear evidence that PPTs improve student(More)
Phonotactic patterns of seven 11-15-year-old Kannada speaking children with Down syndrome (DS), mental age matched children with mental retardation (MR) without DS and six 4-5-year-old typically developing (TD) children were investigated. Conversational speech analyses and target analyses of conversational speech were carried out in all three groups of(More)
The bromodomains and extra-terminal domain (BET) family proteins recognize acetylated chromatin through their bromodomains (BDs) and help in regulating gene expression. BDs are chromatin ‘readers’: by interacting with acetylated lysines on the histone tails, they recruit chromatin-regulating proteins on the promoter region to regulate gene expression and(More)
Phonological process analysis was carried out using a 40-word imitation task with 30 11;6-14;6 year old Kannada-speaking persons with Down syndrome in comparison with 15 non-verbal mental age matched typically developing children. Percentages of occurrence were significantly higher for the Down syndrome group with certain exceptions. Some phonological(More)
Educational quality varies in the degree to which they attempt to deal with different completing aspects of quality such as relative importance of various quality attributes of key process areas. With the emerging of information and communication technology, educational quality has drastically changed. This revolution has brought radical change in the way(More)
  • Vidya Rajasekaran, A Asha Ashok, R Manjula
  • 2014
Customer contentment plays a vital role in business environment. Service level agreements (SLA's) are signed between the service provider and the customer where SLA violation acts as a major constraint. SLA Violation is reduced through mechanisms involving Monitoring in case if any violations are probably to occur, predicting the violations in advance and(More)
CONTEXT The risk of becoming a diabetic for an individual with a positive family history of diabetes increases by two- to fourfold. AIM To record the anthropometric indices and the physical fitness in individuals with family history of type-2 diabetes mellitus and compare these results with those of controls. SETTINGS AND DESIGN This is a comparative(More)