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Ownership rights on outsourced relational database are very crucial issue in today's internet environment and in many content distribution applications, because the rapid growth of the internet and related technologies offered an unprecedented ability to access and redistribute digital content. In earlier existing systems the relational data will be(More)
Educational quality varies in the degree to which they attempt to deal with different completing aspects of quality such as relative importance of various quality attributes of key process areas. With the emerging of information and communication technology, educational quality has drastically changed. This revolution has brought radical change in the way(More)
From last few decades, generating a 3D face model from an human drawn sketch has caught the interest of many researchers in the area of image processing and face recognition. It has various applications in 3D cartoon modelling, police investigation and verification, and in Image Processing. Many techniques are there to generate 3D models from a sketch. 3D(More)
In Ciphertext Policy Attribute based Encryption (CP-ABE) technique, the data owner encrypts the data without any knowledge of data users, but they only specify the data access policy regarding user attributes. The data owner is unaware about the actual data users, which decreases the level of fine-grained access measure. In the proposed system, whenever the(More)
Deploying and maintaining wireless sensor networks (WSN) in remote places like volcano eruption, battle field, nuclear reactors and dense forest areas is pretty difficult or even sometimes impossible. Therefore there is a need to make a WSN which can function for long duration of time. Lifetime enhancement of WSN is a critical issue to be addressed before(More)
This paper's centre of attention is on the problem of data mining (in general) and clustering (in specific) on a hidden web data. We know that data mining is a process that analyzes and extracts knowledge from large amounts of data which provides useful information to users. Hidden or deep web data is the database located at remote system .So, to access(More)
The Software product line engineering is an inter-disciplinary concept. It spans the dimensions of business, architecture, process, and the organization. Similarly, Educational System engineering is also an inter-disciplinary concept, which spans the dimensions of academic, infrastructure, facilities, administration etc. Some of the potential requirements(More)
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