R. Manivasakan

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We analyze a single server polling model with two finite buffer queues (high and low priority queues), in which high-priority queue is served with queue length dependent service intervals, while low-priority queue is served with constant service intervals. The server follows limited service discipline to serve packets from both the queues. We derive buffer(More)
The key focus of our work is to analyse some jitter control algorithms. We study a jitter control algorithm proposed by Mansour et. al [1] for networks with guaranteed quality of service (QoS) from a competitive analysis point of view. The authors have analysed the proposed algorithm (on-line algorithm) and also compared its performance to the off-line(More)
Time-division multiplexing over packet-switched network (TDMoPSN) is an intermediate phase of transition from current synchronous TDM to future all-optical converged network. TDMoPSN is exclusively used to transport interactive voice traffic transparently over a PSN (e.g., IP, MPLS or Ethernet). The goal of this paper is to reduce rate-jitter that is(More)
We investigate the planning of virtual optical bus (VOB) networks-as a packet-oriented all-optical solution for transport networks-under changing traffic conditions. The planning of a VOB network consists of grouping all edge-to-edge flows in the network into clusters called VOBs, and that has to be done with the objective of minimizing packet collision(More)
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