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Optical Burst Switching (OBS) is a promising paradigm for high speed transmission of data. In OBS, a key problem is to schedule bursts with minimum loss. Single method is not sufficient to improve performance. So, our performance model includes some feasible methods to improve OBS performance without increasing the implementation complexity. The methods(More)
Privacy preserving over data mining in distributed networks is still an important research issue in the field of Knowledge and data engineering or community based clustering approaches, privacy is an important factor while datasets or data integrates from different data holders or players for mining. Secure mining of data is required in open network. In(More)
Indexing the databases for efficient querying has been almost for long era and the advantage of using it is eminent. Conversely, deciding whether or not to make use of indexes in a circumstances commands detailed assessment in addition to trade-off amid its outlay and operation. The investigation by Mofidpoor et al. (2013 IEEE international conference on(More)
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