R Maneckjee

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The mechanism whereby the reciprocal relationship between the plasma levels of prolactin and HL is maintained in lactating rats under different degrees of suckling stimulus has been investigated in the present study. Plasma levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) in lactating rats suckling two pups could be reduced significantly by injecting prolactin (PRL).(More)
Opiate receptors have been solubilized from rat neural membranes and purified 500-fold (relative to the crude solubilized extract) by affinity chromatography. Active receptors were solubilized by using 3-[( 3-cholamidopropyl)-dimethylammonio]-1-propanesulfonate (CHAPS), a zwitterionic derivative of cholic acid. Affinity chromatography was carried out using(More)
Active opioid receptors have been solubilized from bovine striatal synaptosomal membranes and purified approximately 4000-fold using a combination of affinity and hydroxyapatite chromatography. The affinity column was constructed by attaching hybromet, a newly synthesized opioid ligand with high affinity for the mu receptor, to a solid support matrix. A(More)
The interrelationship between prolactin and LH in the maintenance of pregnancy during lactation was studied. The reduction of suckled young from eight to two or less, as late as on the morning of Day 4 of pregnancy, resulted in normal implantation. Reintroduction of eight young on Day 4 to lactating pregnant rats deprived of their litters on Day 1 resulted(More)