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This paper presents a novel approach of generating test cases from UML design diagrams. Our approach consists of transforming a UML sequence diagram into a graph called the sequence diagram graph (SDG) and augmenting the SDG nodes with different information necessary to compose test vectors. These information are mined from use case templates, class(More)
Being sessile, plants are subjected to a diverse array of environmental stresses during their life span. Exposure of plants to environmental stresses results in the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). These activated oxygen species tend to oxidize various cellular biomolecules like proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids, a process that challenges the(More)
The increasing demand of real-time multimedia applications in wireless environment requires stringent Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning to the Mobile Hosts (MI. The scenario becomes more complex during group communication from single source to multiple destinations. Fulfilling users demand with respect to delay, jitter, available bandwidth, packet loss(More)
Software cost estimation continues to be an area of concern for managing of software development industry. We use unsupervised learning (e.g., clustering algorithms) combined with functional link artificial neural networks for software effort prediction. The unsupervised learning (clustering) indigenously divide the input space into the required number of(More)
Many multimedia communication applications require a source to transmit messages to multiple destinations subject to quality of service (QoS) delay constraint. The problem to be solved is to find a minimum cost multicast tree where each source to destination path is constrained by a delay bound. This problem has been proven to be NP-complete. In this paper,(More)
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