R. Mahajan

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To check the suitability of enzyme entrapped beads for use in pharmaceutical industry, amylase enzyme was entrapped in agar/agarose, polyacrylamide gels and calcium alginate beads. Sodium alginate of 1% concentration was found to be best with respect to immobilization efficiency and calcium alginate beads so obtained were not much susceptible to breakage.(More)
Luria-Nebraska Neuro-psychological Battery, is now an established tool to assess brain damage in recent years. This test battery has been reported to be very useful to find out functional organization of the brain. The biological basis of psychiatry is also now well explained. The present study is directed towards the neuro-psychological functioning of(More)
Pectinases are the growing enzymes of biotechnological sector, showing gradual increase in their market. They hold a leading position among the commercially produced industrial enzymes. These enzymes are ecofriendly tool of nature that are being used extensively in various industries like wine industry; food industry; paper industry for bleaching of pulp(More)
Neuropsychological functioning of epileptic patients is emerging as an interesting area of research among clinician. There is sufficient evidence suggesting cognitive deficits among epileptics. No specific rehabilitation planning was prepared in this regard. The planning for rehabilitation can be prepared if a comprehensive functional organization of the(More)
The impact of family and child rearing practices on personality development and psychiatric illnesses are well established. The present investigation is directed towards the study of psychopathology and temperamental characteristics of children of alcoholic parents, to find out correlation between these two areas and the role of alcoholism in child rearing(More)
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