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Die traditionelle chinesische Medizin (TCM) ist eine Jahrtausende alte ganzheitliche Körperheilkunde und beruht auf der Lehre von tao und qi. Tao (das „Eine“) steht für den Wandel, aus dem die Polarität von yin und yang hervorgeht. Qi ist die Lebensenergie, die durch den Körper zirkuliert. Die Therapien der TCM umfassen Akupunktur, Phytotherapie,(More)
Context: Locally advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is associated with a poor prognosis despite radical surgery. The surgical approach can differ according to tumour size, location, and vascular involvement. The development of molecular targeted therapies aroused new interest in adjuvant and neoadjuvant strategies. Objective: The aim of this article was to(More)
Passive removal of stone fragments in the irrigation stream is one of the characteristics in continuous-flow PCNL instruments. So far the physical principle of this so-called vacuum cleaner effect has not been fully understood yet. The aim of the study was to empirically prove the existence of the vacuum cleaner effect and to develop a physical hypothesis(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy and safety of minimally invasive percutaneous nephrolithotomy (MIP) and conventional percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) in the treatment of patients with large renal stone burden. MIP has proven its efficacy and safety in the management of small renal calculi. However, conventional PCNL is still(More)
The general accepted concept about the MRF as an unspecific ascending activating system concerns only one of its multiple functions. Investigations on more than 100 hooded rats of the Long-Evans strain with small bilateral symmetric lesions in dorsal, central and ventral subnuclei of the MRF brought out the following results pointing to further important(More)
Many patients diagnosed with cancer search for health information on the Web. We aimed to assess the quality and reliability of online health information on prostate cancer. Google, Yahoo, and Bing were searched for the term “prostate cancer.” After selecting the most frequented websites, quality was measured by DISCERN score, JAMA benchmark criteria, and(More)
Hooded rats of the Long-Evans strain with small bilateral symmetric lesions of the pretectum (PR, n = 10), the nucleus commissurae posterioris (NCP, n = 14), area cuneiformis (CU, n = 10), area subcuneiformis (CUS, n = 11) and with combined lesions of CU and NCP (n = 6) were compared in an open field (OF) situation with sham-operated controls (C, n = 8).(More)
PURPOSE Several nephrometry scores have been proposed to predict perioperative outcomes in renal surgery. We evaluated which nephrometry score correlates best with the MIC (margin, ischemia and complications) score and quantitative perioperative outcomes in nephron sparing surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS Data on 188 patients undergoing nephron sparing(More)
Der Symptomenkomplex der überaktiven Blase („overactive bladder“, OAB) mit oder ohne Inkontinenz („wet/dry“) hat mit etwa 17% in der europäischen Bevölkerung eine hohe Prävalenz und führt nicht nur zu einem hohen Leidensdruck der Betroffenen, sondern auch zu hohen Kosten für das Gesundheitswesen. Myogene, urotheliale und neurogene Faktoren führen zu noch(More)