R. Magallón

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BACKGROUND Irradiation of the pituitary is widely considered the most appropriate treatment for patients with Cushing's disease in whom transsphenoidal microsurgery has been unsuccessful. However, there is little information about the long-term efficacy of this treatment. METHODS We used external pituitary radiation to treat 30 adult patients with(More)
Thirty adult patients presenting with medulloblastoma between 1974 and 1991 were studied and treated at Puerta de Hierro Clinic. After diagnosis, all patients were treated by surgery followed by radiotherapy and eight of them received adjuvant chemotherapy. We have studied the influence of some factors such as age, sex, location of tumour in the cerebellum,(More)
The pineal region is one of the rarest sites in the brain for metastatic involvement of systemic malignant tumors. A review of the literature shows that approximately 70 such cases have been reported previously, and most of them were diagnosed by autopsy. In this brief report we describe three cases of isolated intracranial metastasis to the pineal region(More)
PURPOSE This paper presents a three-year teledermatology evaluation experience. The aim is to explain the methodology followed, present the evaluation results, discuss critically the issues that emerged during the experience and report the main lessons learned. METHODS A complete design and evaluation methodology was conducted to fully address significant(More)
PURPOSE To compare, in a randomized trial, 5-fluorouracil (FU) plus leucovorin (LV) (FU+LV) vs. oral uracil and tegafur (UFT) plus LV (UFT+LV) given concomitantly with preoperative irradiation in patients with cT3-4 or N+ rectal cancer. METHODS AND MATERIALS A total of 155 patients were entered onto the trial. Patients received pelvic radiotherapy(More)
Colorectal cancer (CRC) survival depends mostly on stage at the time of diagnosis. However, symptom duration at diagnosis or treatment have also been considered as predictors of stage and survival. This study was designed to: 1) establish the distinct time-symptom duration intervals; 2) identify factors associated with symptom duration until diagnosis and(More)
Twenty-seven patients with malignant epithelial tumors of the conjunctiva were treated between 1967 and 1987. Histological diagnosis was intraepithelial epithelioma in 15 cases (56%) and squamous cell carcinoma in 12 (44%). All patients were treated with a strontium-90 source on cup-shaped applicators of different sizes according to the extension of the(More)
Temozolomide (TMZ) is an oral alkylating agent that has been used over the past 8 years to treat aggressive pituitary tumors resistant to conventional therapy. To date, only 25 patients treated with TMZ for ACTH producing pituitary tumors (14 adenomas and 11 carcinomas) have been reported. We present a retrospective review of the medical records of three(More)
In the last decade, there has been burgeoning interest in the effectiveness of third-generation psychological therapies for managing fibromyalgia (FM) symptoms. The present study examined the effectiveness of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) on functional status as well as the role of pain acceptance as a mediator of treatment outcomes in FM(More)
BACKGROUND Fibromyalgia is a prevalent chronic rheumatic disease of great clinical importance. Recent studies have found raised levels of glutamate in the insula, hippocampus and posterior cingulate cortex regions of the brains of fibromyalgia (FM) patients. This finding has led researchers to speculate about the usefulness of glutamate-blocking drugs such(More)