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and other workshop participants are also gratefully acknowledged.The opinions expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Central Bank. This paper can be downloaded without charge from Telex 411 144 ecb d All rights reserved. Reproduction for educational and non-commercial purposes is permitted provided(More)
The size distribution of cell aggregates, and the effect of cell aggregate size on anthocyanin content of Daucus carota cells in suspension cultures, was studied. The profile of biomass distribution in various size groups of cell aggregates indicated that over 92% of biomass was present in the aggregates of 500–1500 μm in diameter. The anthocyanin content(More)
Currently, smart card based remote user authentication schemes have been widely adopted due to their low cost and convenient portability. With the purpose of using various different internet services with single registration and to protect the users from being tracked, various dynamic ID based multi-server authentication protocols have been proposed.(More)
Remote user authentication is a mechanism, in which the remote server verifies the legitimacy of a user over an insecure communication channel. Recently, Wang and Li proposed a fingerprint-based remote user authentication scheme using mobile devices. We demonstrate that their scheme is vulnerable and susceptible to many attacks and has some practical(More)
In a distributed environment, one of the major concerns is authentication of remote users. In this sector, legitimate users are more powerful attackers. The remote systems working with password and smart card ensures authorised access. Smart card based remote user authentication schemes have been adopted due to their low computation cost and portability. In(More)
Friction stir welding (FSW), a solid state joining technique is widely used for joining Aluminum alloys in marine, aerospace, automotive and many other applications of commercial importance. In the present study, dissimilar Aluminum alloy (AA 6262-T6 and AA 7075-T6) plates were FS welded by varying the weld parameters such as Tool rotational speed, weld(More)
Using annual IRS migration data from 1992 to 2008, we study how income taxes and other economic factors affect the migration flows of taxpayers and income. Our results indicate that variations in differential average marginal tax rates are associated with small but significant effects on net out-migration from a state. Calibrating the model for New Jersey,(More)