R. M. Zaslavskaya

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The therapeutical effectiveness and the intensity of the side effects of a medicinal preparation varies over wide limits in different individuals. The individual sensitivity towards the action of the medicine is determined by two groups of factors: the hereditary (genotypical) constitution of the organism, and the external (paratypical) causes. The study of(More)
We analyze the results of daily laser Doppler flowmetry monitoring of blood microcirculation parameters in 9 healthy volunteers performed in 2006-2009. Dependence of microcirculation and BP parameters on geomagnetic activity was analyzed separately in each volunteer (the influence of ambient temperature was previously excluded). Significantly increased(More)
The diurnal rhythm of parameters of external respiratory function was studied in 67 clinically healthy persons aged from 20 to 62 years by spirography and pneumotachometry. Tests were carried out 4 times a day: at 2 and 7 a.m., 12 noon, and 9 p.m. In the younger and middle-aged subjects a statistically significant decrease was found in the minute(More)
free enzyme and the ES complex as a rule will be reduced, and this also leads to a change in the value of Km. When using the complete Botts-Morales system it isconvenient to examine inhibition and activation of the direct and reversed lactate dehydrogenase reactions by CG together. Since differences between them are quantitative rather than qualitative in(More)
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In 64 patients with extensive acute myocardial infarction, the effect of the Sustak-forte preparation (nitroglycerin with prolonged action) on central and peripheral haemodynamics and the size of the periinfarction zone was studied. A diminution of the extent of the periinfarction zone was found on the 3rd day of the disease (according to the results of(More)
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