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An iterative reconstruction procedure is used to invert intensity data from both single- and phase-correlated dual-source illuminations for absorption inhomogeneities. The Jacobian for the dual source is constructed by an algebraic addition of the Jacobians estimated for the two sources separately. By numerical simulations, it is shown that the dual-source(More)
Light transmission data collected around an object show large variation with source-detector separation owing to the presence of single or multiple inhomogeneous regions in the object. This variation in the measured intensity is made use of to reconstruct regions of the inhomogeneous inclusions. In addition, it is possible to select a set of data from the(More)
3-Dimensional Diffuse Optical Tomographic (3-D DOT) image reconstruction algorithm is computationally complex and requires excessive matrix computations and thus hampers reconstruction in real time. In this paper, we present near real time 3D DOT image reconstruction that is based on Broyden approach for updating Jacobian matrix. The Broyden method(More)
The study of non-invasive characterization of elastic properties of soft biological tissues has been a focus of active researches since recent years. Light is highly scattered by biological tissues and hence, sophisticated reconstruction algorithms are required to achieve good imaging depth and a reasonable resolution. Ultrasound (US), on the otherhand, is(More)
We report experimental results of quantitative imaging in supersonic circular jets by using a monochromatic light probe. An expanding cone of light interrogates a three-dimensional volume of a supersonic steady-state flow from a circular jet. The distortion caused to the spherical wave by the presence of the jet is determined through our measuring normal(More)
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