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BACKGROUND The efficacy of Bacillus of Calmette and Guérin (BCG) vaccination given at birth is still controversial. We therefore conducted a study in Bangui (Central African Republic) to estimate the protection afforded over the first seven years of life by BCG administered at birth. METHODS One thousand children who had lived in contact with a recently(More)
Hospitalizations in the department of pediatrics of the Bangui Hospital (Central Africa) during the year 1990 were evaluated in terms of mortality and morbidity. During the study year, 8,052 children were admitted. Overall in-hospital mortality rate was 11.6%. Most deaths occurred shortly after admission (60% within 24 hours), in patients less than one year(More)
To extract a foetus which presents chronic suffering in high risk pregnancy, the determination of pulmonary maturity leads to take the decision. Among the complementary analysis to determine the pulmonary maturity, we used of Clements test (CT) which realization is easy and the results rapid. The objectives of this paper were to evaluate the pulmonary(More)
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