R M Savage

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Lzf1 and Lzf2 are leech zinc finger (Lzf) genes that are shown to be orthologues to the Drosophila gap gene hunchback (hb). Neither in situ hybridization nor RT-PCR detected Lzf1 transcripts in leech embryos or adults. Lzf2 expression was examined in leech embryos at various stages by in situ hybridization. Lzf2 is expressed continually throughout the early(More)
We are interested in identifying the regulatory genes involved in segmental pattern formation in annelids. The Drosophila segmentation gene hunchback (hb) is critical for the proper anteroposterior development of the fly embryo, but its function outside the diptera is currently unknown. Here, the protein expression pattern of Leech Zinc Finger II (LZF2), a(More)
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