R. M. Oliveira

E. M. Hungria1
A. de Araújo Freitas1
M. M. A. Stefani1
M. B. Costa1
1E. M. Hungria
1A. de Araújo Freitas
1M. M. A. Stefani
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The development of immunodiagnostic tests for paucibacillary leprosy (PB) is based on Mycobacterium leprae specific-cell mediated immunity (CMI)/IFN-γ production. Recently, novel M. leprae protein antigens that stimulate CMI have been described. This study evaluated different M. leprae antigen combinations in whole blood assay (WBA). Five study groups were(More)
The motivation for molecular beam epitaxy growth of GaAs on non-(100) planes belonging to the (n11)A family, is threefold: (a) The highly stepped surface of these substrates enhances a step flow growth mode which is important for producing sharp growth surfaces and interfaces; (b) the high concentration of non-reactive, empty single dangling bonds reduces(More)
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