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Variation in the protein and lipopolysaccharide composition of the meningococcal outer membrane may be due to either serotype differences or to changes in cultural conditions. There are 12 antigenically distinct serotypes of group B meningococci, and these are associated with distinct major outer membrane protein patterns on sodium dodecyl(More)
Protection against group B meningococcal infection was examined using the chick embryo. 12-day-old embryos were challenged intravenously with various meningococcal strains. The chick embryo has an active reticuloendothelial system but lacks functional complement. In this model we found that protection against group B infection was primarily group specific.(More)
While effective polysaccharide vaccines have been developed for meningococcal groups A and C (15, 25), no such vaccine exists for group B (26). Group B is now a major cause of meningococcal disease in the United States (17) and abroad. Group B meningococci have been subdivided, as have group C, into several distinct serotypes (9, 12) based upon the presence(More)
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