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BACKGROUND Necropsy studies demonstrate that coronary artery disease (CAD) is frequently complex and eccentric. However, angiography provides only a silhouette of the vessel lumen. Intravascular ultrasound is a new tomographic imaging method for evaluation of coronary dimensions and wall morphology. Few data exist regarding intravascular ultrasound in(More)
BACKGROUND Basic telesurgical manoeuvres were conducted with signal delays. METHODS Eight test subjects conducted four manoeuvres. Time delays of 0-1000 ms were investigated. Time to task completion and error rate were recorded in sequential delays of 0-600 ms. Additionally, blinded random delays of 0-1000 ms were studied. RESULTS In the sequential(More)
Background. Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (AAT) is an inherited condition that predisposes to lung and/or liver disease. Objective. The current study examined the clinical features of the PiSS genotype. Methods. Nineteen study participants (PiSS) and 29 matched control participants (PiMM) were telephone interviewed using a standardized questionnaire.(More)
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