R. M. McAllister

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Endurance exercise training (Ex) has been shown to increase maximal skeletal muscle blood flow. The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that increased endothelium-dependent vasodilation is associated with the Ex-induced increase in muscle blood flow. Furthermore, we hypothesized that enhanced endothelium-dependent dilation is confined to(More)
This paper reviews some of the possible explanations and mechanisms that may be responsible for variation from expected clinical findings soon after nerve injury in certain patients, and for subjective sensations and objective sensibility which can appear to arise from within the autonomous zone of the cutaneous distribution of a divided nerve. A number of(More)
  • H J Kung, S Hu, W Bender, J M Bailey, N Davidson, M O Nicolson +1 other
  • 1976
The molecular weights, subunit compositions, and secondary structure patterns of the RNAs from an endogenous baboon virus and from a woolly monkey sarcoma virus were examined and compared to the properties of the RNA of RD-114, an endogenous feline virus. The high molecular weight RNA extracted from each of these three viruses has a sedimentation(More)
Thyroid disease has profound effects on cardiovascular function. Hypo- and hyperthyroidism, for example, are associated with reduced and increased maximal endothelium-dependent vasodilation respectively. We therefore hypothesized that the capacity for vascular nitric oxide (NO) formation is decreased in hypothyroidism and increased in hyperthyroidism. To(More)
The self-esteem of 69 women attending weight-loss centres was examined in relation to attitudes towards body and weight, actual weight, number of diets undergone and weight fluctuations. Rosenberg's Self-esteem Scale was used to measure self-esteem. Attitudes towards the body and weight were assessed using Freedman's Body-Love Questionnaire. The Body Mass(More)
Muscarinic cholinergic agents are used to lower intraocular pressure in the medical management of glaucoma and subtypes of muscarinic receptors have now been recognised in many tissues including the eye. To localise muscarinic receptors and their M1 and M2 subtypes in the human eye, in vitro ligand binding and autoradiographic techniques with densitometric(More)
Seventy-six homosexual or bisexual men underwent two cranial MRI studies at a mean interval of 13 months; 23 were HIV seronegative, 41 seropositive but asymptomatic (Center for Disease Control (CDC) groups II/III), and 12 had AIDS related complex (ARC)/AIDS (CDC group IV). Agreement between two neuroradiologists was rated as very good for assessment of(More)
We report a comparative study of stimulation thresholds of cutaneous fibres of the rat in vitro skin and saphenous nerve preparation with psychophysical measurements of sensibility to cutaneous electrical stimulation in human volunteers. The same clinical diagnostic stimulator and modified skin electrodes were used in both animal and human experiments.(More)
ATP could play an important role in skeletal muscle blood flow regulation by inducing vasodilation via purinergic P2 receptors. This study investigated the role of P2 receptors in exercise hyperemia in miniature swine. We measured regional blood flow with radiolabeled-microsphere technique and systemic hemodynamics before and after arterial infusion of the(More)
The occasional apparent clinical phenomenon of the immediate although transient return of peripheral nerve function after nerve division and primary repair has been previously reported. Electrophysiological findings from the sciatic nerve of the rabbit have been previously presented in support of the concept of the transmission of nerve impulses across a(More)