R. M. Mazzariello

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This is a report of nonoperative extraction of residual biliary stones in 1,086 patients over a period of 14 years. Successful stone extraction was accomplished in 95.9% of patients, including extractions effected through the most complex accesses of the cystic duct. The author favors the use of a variety of extraction instruments because so doing makes it(More)
A nonperative method has been employed over a period of 11 years in the treatment of 570 patients with residual biliary duct lithiasis. A successful instrumental extraction was accomplished in 543 of these patients (95.3%). These extractions were performed via the transcholedochal and the transcholecystic routes, the latter being used both for choledochal(More)
An analysis is made of 24 cases of primitive lithiasis of the biliary tracts, viz; 10 of diffuse intrahepatic lithiasis, 9 of intrahepatic lithiasis localized in one of the ducts; and 5 of extrahepatic lithiasis. The most common cause were stenosis (14 cases) generally of idiopathic or congenital nature, followed by those of iatrogenic or tumoral origin.(More)