R. M. Lee

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We propose a series of transformations which improve the capturable parallelism of a program. The Enhanced Region Scheduling algorithm provides more powerful parallelization capabilities than previous methods by adding the transformations software pipelining and break. Though the move transformation alone does not adequately redistribute parallelism, the(More)
Our' goal is the development and application of various techniques for generating approximate responses to data base queries. An "approximate re-sponse" is a response other than a direct answer to the question. Approximate responses are frequently referred to by linguists as "indirect answers" or "replies" (e.g. in BS76). What is approximate is not so much(More)
Calcium (Ca2+)-activated chloride channel accessories (CLCAs) are putative anion channel-related proteins with diverse physiological functions. Exploring CLCA diversity is important for prediction of gene structure and function. In an effort to identify novel CLCA genes in Xenopus laevis, we successfully cloned and characterized a Xenopus laevis cDNA(More)
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