R M Kaschnitz

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Mitochondria were isolated from Morris hepatomas with rapid (types 3683, 7777, and 3924A) and intermediate (types 5123D and 7800) growth rates, using proteolytic digestion of minced tumor tissue to release the particles. Mitochondria isolated by the same procedure from rat liver were employed as controls. All the hepatoma mitochondria were capable of(More)
Following the earlier observation that inhalation of volatile lipid solvents and of narcotic gases causes cholestasis, we studied the effects of various organic solvents on bile flow, plasma membrane fluidity and potassium movement in rat liver. Both in vivo and in the isolated perfused liver, applications of CCl4, CHCl3, dichloromethane, trichloroethylene,(More)
sideration in the literature [13]. As a result, the findings obtained in this investigation may be applicable to the study of PMA in other cell systems. According to Augustinsson [S], each esterase type exists in multiple forms and each animal species has its own typical spectrum of esterases in plasma and tissues [14]. In the presence of marked variations(More)