R. M. Jacobs

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Blood samples from 33 dogs, 28 cats, 24 horses and 25 cattle were analysed in duplicate on the Coulter Counter S-Plus IV and the Baker 9000 multichannel haematology analysers. The precisions of each instrument and the correlations between the instruments were evaluated. The precisions of both systems were good but, the Baker 9000 system showed more(More)
BACKGROUND Tracheal intubation without muscle relaxants is usually performed with remifentanil and propofol or sevoflurane. Remifentanil 1.0 to 4.0 μg·kg(-1) and propofol 2.0-3.0 mg·kg(-1) or sevoflurane up to 8.0 Vol% provide acceptable, i.e. excellent or good intubating conditions. We hypothesized that sevoflurane 1.0 MAC would provide acceptable(More)
A retrospective case-control study was conducted based on the records of 80 dogs with visceral haemangiosarcoma (HSA) and 200 dogs with various diseases that had clinical features similar to HSA. All dogs were more than 1 year old, had histologically confirmed disease, and had a complete blood count performed prior to the final diagnosis. A standard(More)
Thomas Mencke (thomas.mencke@googlemail.com) Refa Maria Jacobs (r-m.jacobs@web.de) Susann Machmueller (susann.machmueller@uni-rostock.de) Martin Sauer (martinsauer.sauer@googlemail.com) Christine Heidecke (christine.heidecke@gmx.de) Anja Kallert (anja.kallert@med.uni-rostock.de) Hans Wilhelm Pau (hans-wilhelm.pau@med.uni-rostock.de) Gabriele(More)
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