R. M. Grassl

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A new Salmonella enterica phage, Det7, was isolated from sewage and shown by electron microscopy to belong to the Myoviridae morphogroup of bacteriophages. Det7 contains a 75-kDa protein with 50% overall sequence identity to the tail spike endorhamnosidase of podovirus P22. Adsorption of myoviruses to their bacterial hosts is normally mediated by long and(More)
Overexpression of the hexose/proton symporter HUP1 from Chlorella kessleri in S. cerevisiae permits a one-step purification via a biotinylation domain. Milligram amounts of the protein are obtained starting from 2 l of yeast culture. The HUP1 protein is used as a model eukaryotic membrane protein of the 'major facilitator superfamily' (MFS) to study(More)
A triple yeast mutant was constructed which lacks BST1, the gene for sphingosine lyase, besides the phosphatidylserine decarboxylases PSD1 and PSD2. In this yeast mutant, which can only be grown in the presence of exogenous ethanolamine, phosphatidylethanolamine can be depleted to very low levels. Under those conditions, respiration as well as glucose and(More)
Voltage-dependent calcium channels, the initial components in the calcium signalling cascade, are increasingly being recognised as relevant factors in the pathology of epilepsy. To further characterise their role in temporal lobe epilepsy associated with Ammon's horn sclerosis, we investigated the immunohistochemical distribution of five different(More)
The cDNAs HUP1 and HUP2 of Chlorella kessleri code for monosaccharide/H+ symporters that can be functionally expressed in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. By random mutagenesis three HUP1 mutants with an increased Km value for D-glucose were isolated. The 40-fold increase in Km of the first mutant is due to the amino acid exchange N436I in putative transmembrane(More)
To study the effect of sterols on the activity of the eukaryotic plasma membrane transporter, the hexose-proton symporter HUP1 from the unicellular alga Chlorella kessleri was expressed in Escherichia coli, a prokaryotic microorganism containing virtually no sterols. Under certain conditions, the recombinant protein was partially active in this prokaryotic(More)
In a previcrus paper the authors used an algorithm for a bijection from the st?t F of all functions with nonnegative integral value defined on a Young tableau frame cf, onto the set E of all reverse plane partitions (rpp) on C$ in their new proof of R,P. Stanley’s generating function for rpp. The algorithm gave new and clear combinatorial significance to(More)