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We describe a novel protein, Syne-1, that is associated with nuclear envelopes in skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscle cells. Syne-1 contains multiple spectrin repeats similar to those found in dystrophin and utrophin, as well as a domain homologous to the carboxyl-terminal of Klarsicht, a protein associated with nuclei and required for a subset of nuclear(More)
Thirty minutes after the onset of darkness, ovine pineal arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase, N-acetylserotonin, and melatonin increase 5- to 10-fold. No significant changes in hydroxyindole-O-methyltransferase, 5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid, 5-hydroxytryptophol, 5-methoxyindoleacetic acid, and 5-methoxytryptophol are detected at this time.(More)
Formation of the skeletal neuromuscular junction is a multi-step process that requires communication between the nerve and muscle. Studies in many laboratories have led to identification of factors that seem likely to mediate these interactions. 'Knock-out' mice have now been generated with mutations in several genes that encode candidate transsynaptic(More)
  • L El-Guebaly, B Cipiti, P Wilson, P Phruksarojanakun, R Grady, I Sviatoslavsky +1 other
  • 2008
The initiation of the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership includes nuclear-based transmutation devices to recycle the spent fuel. Fusion can offer an alternative to the use of fast reactors for the transmutation of actinides. At a modest fusion power of 20 MW, a Z-Pinch driven sub-critical blanket can burn actinides and produce power. Several engineering(More)
  • R Grady, P Phruksarojanakun, P P H Wilson, L A El-Guebaly, B Cipiti
  • 2007
The major limitations on repository capacity are the heat load and radiotoxicity. Reducing the amount of transuranic (TRU) elements in spent nuclear fuel reduces the heat load and radiotoxicity of spent fuel. This would in turn increase the capacity of a repository. One promising method to reduce the TRU inventory is through transmutation. This work(More)
  • L El-Guebaly, B Cipiti, P H Wilson, P Phruksarojanakun, R Grady, I Sviatoslavsky
  • 2006
• SNL * initiated scoping level design for sub-critical transmutation blanket driven by Z-Pinch fusion as alternate option to fast reactors. • Initial assessment * indicates that In-Zinerator offers advantages over fast reactors in terms of transmutation efficiency and support ratio, but attention should be paid to challenging engineering issues. • This(More)
  • P Phruksarojanakun, P P H Wilson, L El-Guebaly, B B Cipiti, R Grady
  • 2006
Efficient burnup of minor actinides is one of the most promising alternatives for minimizing waste in advanced nuclear fuel cycles. This work examines the concept of employing a Z-pinch driven fusion source in a sub-critical transmutation reactor designed to burn up actinides and generate constant power. Its fuel cycle is designed to allow on-line fission(More)
  • C A M L Karen, S Mario, R Grady, Sitko, Bjorkman
  • 1996
Redshifted absorption proÐles that resemble the high-velocity circumstellar gas features in the spectrum of b Pictoris have been detected in IUE data for the 10 Myr old Herbig Be star, HD 100546, on 1995 March 7. In addition to Mg II, Si II, and other refractory species similar to those seen in b Pic, the HD 100546 spectra are rich in accreting gas proÐles(More)