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OBJECTIVE The risk of severe infection is a crucial factor in the assessment of the short-term risk:benefit ratio of biologic drugs in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). There is no increase in severe infections in RA patients treated with rituximab (RTX) in controlled trials, but this has not yet been assessed in daily practice. We undertook this study to(More)
The optimal management of pyogenic discitis is not agreed on. No randomized clinical trials of short-course or oral antibiotic regimens have been published to date. To shed light on this issue, we reviewed the management of patients admitted for pyogenic discitis to one of 12 networked rheumatology departments. In this cross-sectional observational study,(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the relationship between bone turnover markers and bone mineral density in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. METHODS We studied 54 patients, 24 of whom were receiving low dose steroids, and compared them to 54 age and sex matched controls. RESULTS An 8.2% decrease of femoral neck bone mineral density (BMD) was found in patients not(More)
1. Characterization of allelic variants of the TPMT gene (TPMT) responsible for changes in TPMT activity, and elucidation of the mechanism by which these alleles act, are required because of the clinical importance of this polymorphism for patients receiving thiopurine drugs. 2. We defined the mutational and allelic spectrum of TPMT in a group of 191(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence of spondyloarthropathies (SpAs) in France in a multiregional representative sample in the year 2001. METHODS A two stage random sample was constituted in seven areas from the national telephone directory and the next birthday method in each household. Interviewers were patient-members of self help groups trained to(More)
We evaluated ultrasound propagation through the calcaneus using the Achilles Lunar unit in patients with postmenopausal or glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis. Speed of sound, broadband ultrasound attenuation and a combination of these two parameters called stiffness were determined. Reproducibility was 0.23%, 2.6%, and 2.6% for these three parameters,(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the results of pulmonary function tests (PFTs) and high resolution computed tomography (HRCT) of the lungs in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients. METHODS Sixty eight patients (54 women, 14 men) fulfilling the revised criteria for RA were consecutively included in a transversal prospective study. Their mean age was 58.8 years (range:(More)
BACKGROUND Anti-filaggrin antibodies (AFA) are among the most specific antibodies for rheumatoid arthritis, so procedures for their detection should be included in early biological diagnoses. AFA can be detected by indirect immunofluorescence (anti-keratin antibodies, AKA) or by new enzyme immunoassays (EIA). Their comparative performance needs to be(More)
OBJECTIVES Very limited data are available regarding the efficacy of abatacept (ABA) in real life. The aims of this study were to determine the efficacy of ABA in rheumatoid arthritis and predicting factors of efficacy in common practice. METHODS The Orencia and Rheumatoid Arthritis" (ORA) prospective registry, promoted by the French Society of(More)
UNLABELLED Osteolytic metastases and spinal myeloma lesions are difficult to treat because they denote disseminated malignant disease. The pain-relieving and other effects of radiation therapy are delayed. We evaluated short- and medium-term outcomes of vertebroplasty in this indication, in patients with severe or excruciatingly severe pain (McGill-Melsack(More)