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This paper describes the purpose of development for RtrASSoc, an Adaptable, Superscalar and Reconfigurable System on Chip. The RtrASSoc will be used in Embedded Systems that need capacity, performance, and low cost, based on Programmable System-on-Chip (PSOC), where part of the system will be a embedded superscalar processor (ESP), another part will be a(More)
BACKGROUND One goal of therapeutic ultrasound is enabling heat generation in tissue. Ultrasound application protocols typically neglect these processes of absorption and backscatter/reflection at the skin/fat, fat/muscle, and muscle/bone interfaces. The aim of this study was to investigate the heating process at interfaces close to the transducer and the(More)
Examination of the pupil offers an objective evaluation of visual function as well as the vegetative pathways to the eye. This work proposes the development of an effective method and a portable device to test the consensual pupillary reflex. The first results demonstrate the success of a new device construction and methodology to record the consensual(More)
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