R. M. Costa

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This paper describes the purpose of development for RtrASSoc, an Adaptable, Superscalar and Reconfigurable System on Chip. The RtrASSoc will be used in Embedded Systems that need capacity, performance, and low cost, based on Programmable System-on-Chip (PSOC), where part of the system will be a embedded superscalar processor (ESP), another part will be a(More)
Physical fitness moderates the psychophysiological responses to stress. This study attempts to determine whether the degree of fitness could affect the response to physical and psychological stress after comparing two groups of men with good physical fitness. Saliva samples from 18 elite sportsmen, and 11 physically active subjects were collected to(More)
Vibrations produced in oscillating/vibratory platform generate whole body vibration (WBV) exercises, which are important in sports, as well as in treating diseases, promoting rehabilitation, and improving the quality of life. WBV exercises relevantly increase the muscle strength, muscle power, and the bone mineral density, as well as improving the postural(More)
  • Fonoaudióloga Doutora, Em Ciências, Paulo, Fonoaudióloga Professora Livre, Fonoaudióloga Bolsista De Capacitação Técnica, Fapesp +10 others
  • 2006
Characteristics of transient evoked otoacoustic emissions in newborn hearing screening program (original title: Características das emissões otoacústicas por transientes em programa de triagem auditiva neonatal). Abstract Background: otoacoustic emissions (OAE) are considered the main instrument of the Newborn Hearing Screening Program (NHSP). Aim: to(More)
Benign childhood epilepsy with centro-temporal spikes (BECTS) is a form of focal idiopathic epilepsy, with seizure remission by the age of 18. Recent studies have suggested that some children with BECTS can suffer from deficits of memory, attention and learning ability and in auditory-verbal and performance sub-tests. On the other hand, alterations in the(More)
Examination of the pupil offers an objective evaluation of visual function as well as the vegetative pathways to the eye. This work proposes the development of an effective method and a portable device to test the consensual pupillary reflex. The first results demonstrate the success of a new device construction and methodology to record the consensual(More)
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