R. M. Chandrasekaran

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The explosive growth in the use of real-time multimedia applications in mobile devices requires quality of service (QoS) support for effective communication. Network congestion is the main reason for packet loss, longer delay and jitter in streaming multimedia applications. Most of the present routing protocols are not designed to adapt congestion. In this(More)
Faults in a module tend to cause failure of the software product. These defective modules in the software pose considerable risk by increasing the developing cost and decreasing the customer satisfaction. Hence in a software development life cycle it is very important to predict the faulty modules in the software product. Prediction of the defective modules(More)
This paper describes the concepts of Relay node characteristics, various deployment methods, and their internal behaviors in the Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). First, the internal behavioral characteristics of relay node and their different state processing are analyzed using algorithm. Then, the influence of relay nodes in WSN and the potential relay node(More)
With the rapid expansion of e-commerce over the decades, more and more product reviews emerge on e-commerce sites. In order to effectively utilize the information available in the form of reviews, an automatic opinion mining system is needed to organize the reviews and to help the users and organizations in making an informed decision about the products.(More)
Data Mining is the use of algorithms to extract the information and patterns derived by the knowledge discovery in database process. It is often referred to as supervised learning because the classes are determined before examining the data. In many data mining applications that address classification problems, feature and model selection are considered as(More)
Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is one of the most important applications for the IEEE 802.11 wireless local area networks (WLANs). For network planners who are deploying VoIP over WLANs, one of the important issues is the VoIP capacity. VoIP bandwidth consumption over a WAN is one of the most important factors to consider when building a VoIP(More)