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Morphological and anatomical factors such as aerenchyma formation in roots and the development of adventitious roots are considered to be amongst the most important developmental characteristics affecting flooding tolerance. In this study we investigated the lengths of adventitious roots and their capacity to form aerenchyma in three- and four-week-old(More)
Using a 141 F2 population generated from maize inbred B64 × teosinte Zea nicaraguensis cross, quantitative trait loci (QTLs) controlling aerenchyma formation in roots under non-flooding drained soil conditions were identified. Seedlings of Z. nicaraguensis formed clear aerenchyma in the cortex of adventitious roots in non-flooding conditions, whereas the(More)
This paper describes an approach to solving a major problem in the information processing sciences— that of searching very large (5-50 billion characters) data bases of unstructured free-text for random queries within a reasonable time and at an affordable price. The need by information specialists and knowledge workers for large, fast low-cost text(More)
In this paper we argue that a more legitimate and responsive state is an essential factor for a more adequate level of tax effort in developing countries and high income countries. While at first glance giving such advice to poor countries seeking to increase their tax ratios may not seem more helpful than telling them to find oil, it is presumably more(More)
In recent years, a number of hardware associative memories had been designed and experimentally verified. These memories allow simultaneous comparison of all stored data to external data. Data may be read from, or written into, comparing words. These memories, acting as peripheral devices to conventional computers, have been studied for application to(More)
This paper considers the key instrumental components of intergovernmental fiscal relations in the Russian Federation – expenditures, revenues, transfers, borrowing, and institutional arrangements – in comparison both to Canada’s lengthy experience with federalism and to a framework developed on the basis of previous work on fiscal federalism in a variety of(More)