R M Angibeau

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pS2 protein assay was performed with Elsa-pS2 kit (CIS-Biointernational) on a group of 1,065 patients with operable breast cancer who underwent breast surgery in the years 1982 through 1990. The median follow-up was 57 months. This group included exclusively infiltrating ductal carcinoma with primary surgery. Age mean was 58 yr; T0-T1, 33.6%; T2-T4, 66.4%;(More)
A multihormonal response to CRH during inferior petrosal sinus sampling in patients with Cushing's disease has recently been described. Whether it reflects multihormonal secretion by the corticotropic adenoma, or secretion by non-tumorous adjacent cells via paracrine mechanisms remains debatable. We have compared the effect of CRH on ACTH, GH, PRL and TSH(More)
To determine whether hyperglycemia in brain-dead donors is a sign of endocrine pancreas insufficiency, we studied pancreatic function in 25 consecutive brain dead patients. Blood samples were drawn at 2-hr intervals from donor referral until organ procurement to analyze glucose, insulin, and C-peptide levels. After donor retrieval, two specimens were taken(More)
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