R. Luthringer

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The aim of this study was to get insight into the central effects of TC-1734 (renamed AZD3480), a selective agonist at the neuronal nicotinic receptor of the α4β2 subtype. Electroencephalography (EEG) techniques and computerized cognitive tests were performed in young, healthy male volunteers during two double-blind and placebo-controlled studies: a rising(More)
In this paper, we compare and analyze the results from automatic analysis and visual scoring of nocturnal sleep recordings. The validation is based on a sleep recording set of 60 subjects (33 males and 27 females), consisting of three groups: 20 normal controls subjects, 20 depressed patients and 20 insomniac patients treated with a benzodiazepine. The(More)
Most studies that investigated the next-day residual effects of hypnotic drugs on daytime driving performances were performed on healthy subjects and after a single drug administration. In the present study, we further examine whether the results of these studies could be generalised to insomniac patients and after repeated drug administration. Single and(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the reproducibility of neural activations induced by an anticipatory anxiety provocation challenge in healthy volunteers. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fourteen healthy male volunteers participated in two separate functional MRI (fMRI) sessions in which they underwent a paradigm based on anticipation of aversive transcutaneous electrical nerve(More)
This paper is a review of the main interpolation methods applicable to 3-dimensional EEG mapping. The use of simple statistical comparison methods on recorded EEG maps allowed us to evaluate the qualities of interpolation methods belonging to 3 mathematical families (barycentric, polynomial, spline). A combination of a 3-dimensional representation of EEG(More)
BACKGROUND Sleep disturbances are frequently encountered in alcohol-dependent patients. Drugs improving sleep during abstinence from alcohol may play an important role in the recovery process. METHODS In the present study, the effects of acamprosate, a drug successfully used in maintaining abstinence following alcohol withdrawal, were assessed by(More)
Males and females often have marked phenotypic differences, and the expression of these dissimilarities invariably involves sex differences in gene expression. Sex-biased gene expression has been well characterized in animal species, where a high proportion of the genome may be differentially regulated in males and females during development. Male-biased(More)
OBJECTIVE We examined simultaneously alpha activity and cardiac changes during nocturnal sleep, in order to differentiate non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, REM sleep, and intra-sleep awakening. METHODS Ten male subjects displaying occasionally spontaneous intra-sleep awakenings underwent EEG and cardiac recordings during one experimental night. The(More)
The main objective of this work was to study the functional markers of the clinical response to cholecystokinin tetrapeptide (CCK-4). Twelve healthy male subjects were challenged with CCK-4 and simultaneously underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) recording. Since anticipatory anxiety (AA) is an intrinsic part of panic disorder, a behavioral(More)