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We have investigated the feedback control that prevents cells with incompletely assembled spindles from leaving mitosis. We isolated budding yeast mutants sensitive to the anti-microtubule drug benomyl. Mitotic arrest-deficient (mad) mutants are the subclass of benomyl-sensitive mutants in which the completion of mitosis is not delayed in the presence of(More)
We explored the role of hypocretins in human narcolepsy through histopathology of six narcolepsy brains and mutation screening of Hcrt, Hcrtr1 and Hcrtr2 in 74 patients of various human leukocyte antigen and family history status. One Hcrt mutation, impairing peptide trafficking and processing, was found in a single case with early onset narcolepsy. In situ(More)
Most agronomical traits exhibit quantitative variation, which is controlled by multiple genes and are environmentally dependent. To study the genetic variation of flowering time in Brassica napus, a DH population and its derived reconstructed F(2) population were planted in 11 field environments. The flowering time varied greatly with environments; 60% of(More)
The Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has investigated the landing site in Eagle crater and the nearby plains within Meridiani Planum. The soils consist of fine-grained basaltic sand and a surface lag of hematite-rich spherules, spherule fragments, and other granules. Wind ripples are common. Underlying the thin soil layer, and exposed within small impact(More)
We have established an in vitro assay for assembly of the cortical actin cytoskeleton of budding yeast cells. After permeabilization of yeast by a novel procedure designed to maintain the spatial organization of cellular constituents, exogenously added fluorescently labeled actin monomers assemble into distinct structures in a pattern that is similar to the(More)
A convenient, Agrobacterium-mediated transient expression assay has been evaluated for rapid analysis of plant promoters and transcription factors in vivo. By simple infiltration of Agrobacterium cells carrying appropriate plasmid constructs into tobacco leaves in planta, reproducible expression assays could be conducted in as little as 2-3 days without(More)
Here, we describe a fast, simple method for constructing full-length cDNA libraries using SMART technology. This novel procedure uses the template-switching activity of Moloney murine leukemia virus (MMLV) reverse transcriptase to synthesize and anchor first-strand cDNA in one step. Following reverse transcription, three cycles of PCR are performed using a(More)
Rice represents a major route of As exposure in populations that depend on a rice diet. Practical measures are needed to mitigate the problem of excessive As accumulation in paddy rice. Two potential mitigation methods, management of the water regime and Si fertilization, were investigated under greenhouse conditions. Growing rice aerobically during the(More)
The murine homeo box gene Nkx2-5 is expressed in precardiac mesoderm and in the myocardium of embryonic and fetal hearts. Targeted interruption of Nkx2-5 resulted in abnormal heart morphogenesis, growth retardation and embryonic lethality at approximately 9-10 days postcoitum (p.c.). Heart tube formation occurred normally in mutant embryos, but looping(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS As microRNA-21 (miR-21) plays a pathological role in fibrosis, we hypothesised that it may be a therapeutic target for diabetic nephropathy. METHODS Abundance of miR-21 was examined in diabetic kidneys from db/db mice. The therapeutic potential of miR-21 in diabetic kidney injury was examined in db/db mice by an(More)